Copper metal for electroplating
Copper is brown shiny metal with higher thermal and electrical conductivity. It has very high corrosion resistivity among most corrosive media.
Grade: 99.95 to 99.995 % Cu grades are available for electroplating purpose.
Uses: To electroplating of Bronze, Brass, Mild steel, Carbon steel, PCBs, Plastics, etc.
Form: Nuggets, Balls, Bars, Rod   


Zinc is a white silvery metal, which is mostly used for corrosion protection purpose of steels and other metals as a galvanic coupling.
Grade: 99.995 % electro-refine grade for plating
Uses: To plating of Steel nuts, bolts, sheets, rode, tube etc. Also used for cold and hot galvanizing.
Form: 25 Kg Ingot slab, Plate, Bars.


Nickel is white silvery metal with the high corrosion resistance and very high toughness properties. It has a wide spread of application in most of the coating industries for specific functions.
Grade: 99.98 to 99.995 % electrically purified grade for plating application.
Uses: To electroplating of brass, copper, steels and other corrosive metals to be protected by nickel plating. Also nickel is very high resistance to corrosion so it have wide application in chemical, automotive and aviation industries.
Form: Plate, Rods, Bars, Ingot