Stripping Chemicals

Product Application
STRIPSAL NE An immersion chemical stripping salt for electroplated deposits of nickel, copper or silver from steel components. No significant attack on basic metal.
STRIPSAL U/LA An electrolytic stripping process for nickel & other deposits from steel.
STRIPSAL NMP/NML An immersion chemical stripping salt for Electroplated deposits of Nickel, from Steel components. No significant attack on basic metal.
UNISTRIP® RACKSTRIP FAMILY electrolytic stripping processes for removing copper and nickel, as well as thin chrome layers, from stainless steel racks and tips as a more effective and user friendly alternative to nitric acid stripping
UNISTRIP® SERIES Immersion strippers for a variety of metals and substrates
UNICHROME® 80 An alkaline powder product for electrolytically stripping plated chromium from steel substrates
KEMSTRIP S A cyanide based metal stripper which strips nickel, copper, cadmium, zinc and silver from Steel without electric current.
KEMSTRIP NF An acidic stripping bath used to strip Nickel from brass,copper and copper alloys.
TEKNOSTRIP 923 Used for electrolytic stripping of plated nickel from steel alloys. Also strips copper, brass, tin, cadmium, lead and silver. Specially use for stripping nickel from contact point of jig fixtures.
KEMSTRIP EN 179 A non-cyanide alkaline stripper designed to strip high phosphorus electroless nickel deposits from steel by immersion

Chemical and Electro Brightening Process

Product Application
BRISOL SS Electrobrightening solution for SS. Produces excellent mirror finish on SS surfaces.
BRISOL HC Electrobrightening solution for high carbon steel and 400 series stainless steel.
BRISOL AL Electrobrightening solution for aluminium and aluminium alloys.
BRISOL CA Chemical brightening solution for aluminium.
BRISOL NF Electro-brightening solution for non-ferrous material like copper & brass.