Product Application
COPPER PROCESS – CUPSAL Z A sodium cyanide based solution recommended where simplicity and economy are important. Slow speed solution suitable for manual plant and general-purpose light copper plating. The desposit is dull.
HIGH EFFICIENCY COPPER PROCESS – CUPSAL CX A potassium cyanide based solution which produces a fine grained deposit. A high speed solution with excellent throwing power. Suitable for thick copper deposits and as an undercoat for bright nickel on steel and zinc based dicastings. Rack or barrel use.
ROCHELLE COPPER – CUPSAL RH A mildly alkaline, low cyanide based cooper plating process, designed for zinc based alloy diecastings.
CUPRATEK ROCHELE COPPER (Cyanide base) Produces smooth deposits. Ideally suitable for Zinc base diecastings.
CUPRATEK ALC (Cyanide base) Produces smooth bright deposits specially used for high current density operations. Best product for barrel plating on zinc base diecast components.
CUPRAMAX AC 2682 Provides wide brightness range. Bath can be operated at wide bath temperature range 20 – 35 OC. Good bright throwing power.
CUPRAMAX AC 2082 High performance bright acid copper bath. Exceptional brightness and levelling. Highly ductile and extremely bright deposits.
CUPRAMAX AC 9282 Shows excellent levelling, coupled with good throwing power. Highly ductile and extremely bright deposits.
CUPRAMAX AC 9100 Single addition agent specially for plating of printing cylinders. Produce deposits of excellent ductility, brightness and hardness.

Decorative Nickel

Product Application
NISOL 80 V BASE SALT Base salt for preparing bright nickel bath solution.
SUPERBRITE XL – BRIGHT NICKLE PROCESS Fully bright, high levelled deposit even at low current density, extremely good covering power, ductile, low stress deposits.
LEVELBRITE R – 850 BRIGHT NICKLE PROCESS Fully bright, high levelling, ductile nickel for decorative rack plating. Single maintenance brightener. Tolerant to contamination and wide variations in operating conditions.
NISOL 1279/80 BRIGHT NICKLE PROCESS Full bright high levelling ductile nickel process for rack plating. Tolerant to wide variations in operating conditions.
SUPERLUX BRIGHT NICKLE PROCESS Flexible process recommended for hardware and other applications. Yields fully bright levelled deposit over entire current density range. Several variants are available for specific applications.
SPEEDILLITE BRIGHT NICKLE PROCESS Bright and White nickel deposit achieved speedily. Suitable for hardware and other decorative Nickel plating applications on variety of substrates.
NICKEL BOOSTER A liquid additive for use in all bright and nickel solutions for increasing levelling, brightness by a significant amount.
DULL NICKEL PROCESS – NISAL AB Dull soft nickel for rack plating. Can be used without heating or filtration. Deposits are normally polished.
BARREL DULL NICKEL PROCESS – NISAL SW Dull Nickel for barrel plating. Can be used without heating or filtration, Deposits are ductile.
XTRABRITE 860 / 852 General purpose Bright Nickel plating process.
SUPRALUX 200 / 600 Fully bright leveled Nickel deposit with very high decorative appeal.
SUPRALUX 650 / 655 Exceptionally fast brightening rate allowing minimum plating times. Brilliant deposit with high leveling and exceptional ductility.
XTRABRITE 1551 (For Barrel) Ideal Choice for barrel nickel plating applications.
NISAL GM LIQUID BRA/C (For Barrel) Classic proven Basic Bright Nickel plating process for barrel/rack applications. For Light metals.
SPEEDILLITE 521 / 523 Exceptionally Bright and White nickel deposit achieved speedily. Suitable for hard ware and other Decorative Nickel Plating application on variety of substrates.
MAGNUM 897 A high performance addition agent system formulated to give very good degree of levelling, brightness, coverage and chrome receptivity. Suitable for vat and barrel plating. Very fast brightening and levelling properties.
HALLMARK B 30 Good brightening and levelling. Very ductile deposits. Deposits are white in colour and pleasing in appearance. Extremely good for barrel plating.
HALLMARK AS 26 HALLMARK AS-26 process is an ultra high performance addition agent system for bright nickel plating. The process has been formulated to give superior levelling, brightness, coverage,and better chrome receptivity.
HALLMARK AS 226 HALLMARK AS-226 process is an ultra high performance addition agent system for bright nickel plating. The process has been formulated to give superior levelling, brightness, coverage and better chrome receptivity.
METAKURE 834/842 A purifier for Bright Nickel solutions to improve tolerance to metallic impurities like dissolved Copper and Zinc.
TRIPLE ACTION 300 An extra-ordinary product which gives high tolerance to metallic impurities like Zinc and Copper and improves throwing power.

Functional Nickel

Product Application
CHEMIPURE SEMI BRIGHT PROCESS This is a new high leveling, ductile and essentially ‘Sulpher Free’ semi-bright nickel plating Process. Ideal basic Nickel layer in multilayer Nickel deposit system, yielding very high Corrosion resistance required for Automotive decorative applications.
TRI NICKEL PLATING PROCESS – TRINI Trinickel Plating process is inserted between semi-bright nickel plating processes. This process is to yield Triple Nickel Coating. It is intended to give a thin central layer of 1-2 micron thick deposit in the middle of the coating that has higher sulphur of the order of 0.15% (as S) content than that of bright nickel layer and is anodic to the latter by 20-30 mV which corrodes preferentially and delays corrosion penetrating through the substrate.
NEO SAT SATIN NICKEL PROCESS Proven product for achieving pleasing, uniform smooth satin finish for Decorative Applications for door handle knobs and similar hardware.
NIFOSS ELECTROLESS NICKEL 1800 PROCESS Bright Nickel Phosphorous alloy deposit with high plating rate. Stable formulation used for corrosion protection.
NIFOSS ELECTROLESS NICKEL 2500 PROCESS Fully bright medium phosphorous electroless nickel with consistently high plating rate. High Metal turn over and good hardness and corrosion resistance. Economical to use.
NIFOSS ELECTROLESS NICKEL 2800 (HP) PROCESS Nifoss 2800 HP is high phosphorus electroless nickel plating process. Yields deposit with High phosphorous levels (10+%). Recommended for application requiring high corrosion resistance.
NIPURA TRI NICKEL Used as an intermediate layer between semibright and bright nickel deposit. Provides high sulphur nickel deposit below the Bright Nickel to prevent pit type corrosion to the base metal
NICHEM® MP 400 ELECTROLESS NICKEL PROCESS Nichem® MP 400 is an ELV-, RoHS- and WEEE-compliant process capable of forming NiP deposits with very high gloss values ranging from 300 ̶ 600 GU.
ELEVEN® PRODUCT RANGE ELV, WEEE and RoHS compliant. Completely free of toxic heavy metal stabilizers. Unique stabilizer system. Environmentally sound.
TEKNOPOROUS NI 1209 New advanced technology designed to produce higher corrosion resistance compared to single/double nickel layer system. Very receptive to chrome. Need special equipment.
SILKEN NICKEL 549 Developed to produce non glaring, , stain-free attractive satin Nickel deposits. Suitable for rack plating only. Various satinizing effects can be achieved by varying Silken Ni additive 549 concentration.
KEMTEK NI 308 Medium phosphorous electroless nickel system phosphorus content in excess of 6-8% by weight. Meets ROHS & ELV specification. Hardness afterheat treatment 900-1000 VPN.
KEMTEK NI 508 A bright highly stable medium phosphorus electroless nickel system designed to produce hard, corrosion resistant coatings having phosphorus content in excess of 6-8% by weight.
KEMTEK NI 512 A semibright highly stable electroless nickel system designed for high corrosion resistance applications having phosphorus content in excess of 10 – 12% by weight.

Nickel Correcting Products

Product Application
SEQUESTARANT – L Elimination of the effects of metallic contamination like copper and zinc in all types of bright Nickel plating solutions.
NICKEL PURIFIER It is an insoluble filter media for use in filter packs to remove metallic impurities from Nickel plating solutions.
FERRICURE A complexing / sequestering agent for removal of iron form the Nickel plating bath. It’s addition effectively complexes the iron. Once in this from, the iron is plated out with the deposit as fast as it goes into the solution.
LCD EXTENDER To improve the throwing power of Nickel plating solution at low current density areas and to complex metallic impurities like copper, zinc and iron.
NICKEL ADDITIVE 855 It is a purification agent used in bright nickel plating system to improve tolerance to metallic impurities such as copper and zinc as well as improve chrome receptivity especially in L.C.D. areas.
BRIGHT BOOSTER 51 Additive for enhancing brightness of nickel deposit. To be used along with regular addition of brightener and additives.
SUPER LEVELER 36 Special additive for enhancing leveling capability of existing brightener System. To be added along with routine brightener and additives.

Decorative Chromium Process

Product Application
HI-EFFICIENCY BRIGHT CHROME PROCESS – CHROSAL HB A medium to high concentration high speed solution which can also be used to produce crack free deposits.
CONVENTIONAL BRIGHT CHROME PROCESS – CHROSAL ZB These salts provide a standard sulphate catalyst type of solution. Trouble free and easy to work.
ARMOUR H. S. CHROME High speed chrome bath with mixed soluble catalyst, suitable for both hard chrome and decorative chrome. Self regulating chrome process with good covering and throwing power.

Functional Chrome Plating

Product Application
HI SPEED HARD CHROME PROCESS – CHROSAL HHC A high speed solution with high efficiency, Build up on corners is reduced.
HIGH SPEED ETCH FREE HARD CHROME PROCESS – JET PROCESS 2000 High speed process with high current efficiency and non etching ,free from fluorides And other halogens Excellent bright finish with good hardness and adhesion. Deposit with micro cracked structure.
JET 2000(L) A convenient liquid version of Jet 200 is available with jet 2000 Make Up and replenishment Additives
CHROSAL BK (BLACK CHROMIUM PLATING PROCESS) Chrosal BK Black chromium plating process enables black chromium deposits for decorative and functional purposes. This is to be applied directly to bright nickel and most of the Other metal substrates excluding aluminum. Chrosal BK Plates a deposit having pleasing deep black colour. Use of thin layer of oil or water based lacquer is advised this will ensure more uniform colour and longer service life.
SUPERSTAR HARD CHROME Hardness upto 1100 VPN. Non etching ,Very smooth and bright deposit direct from tha bath. Micro crack deposit greater than 40 cracks/mm. Higher efficiency (23 – 26%).
SUPERSTAR AQ 50 HARD CHROME Hardness upto 1100 VPN. Non etching.Very smooth and bright deposit direct from the bath. Micro crack deposits greater than 40 cracks/mm. Higher efficiency (23 – 26%).
HEEF® HARD CHROME SYSTEMS Excellent wear resistance and high level corrosion protection Increase in component lifetime
MISTONIL ECL Foam reducer specially recommended for decorative chromium industry.
MICROSTAR Gives haze and cloud free finish. Can acheive desirable microcrack in 5 min. Easy control and maintenance.

Zinc Plating

Product Application
BRIGHT CYANIDE ZINC PLATING PROCESS – TURBOZIN 3000 The Turbozin 3000 high, medium and low cyanide zinc plating solutions combine exceptional brilliance of deposit with low operating cost and high temperature stability. Brightener system is designed for operation in all the three types of solutions. Zinsal D, a purifier is used alongwith.
TURBOZIN 6000 (CYANIDE PROCESS) Turbozin 6000 is an alkaline-cyanide type solution for general purpose bright zinc plating which is suitable for use in automatic, manual vat and barrel installations. It produces a bright deposit over a wide temperature and current density operating range, is economical to operate and simple to maintain.
TEKNOBRITE CZ 1320 Excellent brightner system for medium and high Cyanide Zinc bath. Good low current density brightness suitable for barrel plating. Works well with low dosage. Can work at high temperature.
TEKNOBRITE CZ 2380 Extra ordinary uniform brightness. Suitable for medium to low cyanide bath. Better temperature tolerance. Suitable for both rack and barrel.
TEKNOBRITE LCZ 2225 Ultra high performance cyanide zinc system for extremely low cyanide. Has good temperature tolerance and ideal for barrel plating. Stable brightener system. Suitable for both vat and Barrel plating.
TEKNOBRITE CZ 1365 Excellent brightner system suitable for low, medium and high Cyanide Zinc baths . Good low current density brightness and hence suitable for barrel plating. Can work at high temperature.
TEKNOBRITE CZ 777 An outstanding processs giving excellent low current density brightness and trouble free plating of irregular shapes. Highly stable type additive. Bath tolerant to high carbonate concentrations than competitive products. Process good for high cyanide baths.
BRIGHT ACID ZINC PLATING PROCESS – SUP-A-ZIN XHT 411/412 This acid zinc plating process produces levelled mirror bright deposit across a wide current density range. The process operates across a wide temperature range eliminating the requirement of cooling equipment and will plate onto cast irons and heat treated carbon steels.
SUP-A-ZIN-XHT 401 M/ 402 R (ACID ZINC) This acid zinc plating process produces leveled mirror bright deposit across wide temperature and current density range minimizing the requirement of cooling of plating solution. Will easily plate onto cast irons and heat treated carbon steels, free process avoids oil-out problems.
TEKNOBRITE AZ 3245 Outstanding brilliant, level, ductile zinc deposits. TEKNOBRITE AZ 3245 additive and brightner have very good solubility, no oil out ,even at higher temperatures. This process has an improved yellow chromate adhesion. The process can plate easily complex shapes in vats and also good for barrel.
TEKNOBRITE AZ 1068 A high performance low foaming chloride zinc process. Very economical process. Process can operate regularly under warm conditions, no oil out problem. Fully water soluble additive system. Excellent passivation adhesion.
PROTOLUX® 3100 cyanide-free alkaline electroplating process for the deposition of bright zinc deposits. Easy to operate and control. It is highly suited to both rack and barrel electroplating. contains no strong complexing agents and is easy to waste water treat. deposits exhibit uniform thickness distribution and consistent brightness, which are blister-free with excellent adhesion properties.
MILLENIUM NCZ – 511 A unique technology for alkaline, cyanide-free zinc plating. Deposits produced are bright, and ductile over a broad current density range . Used for both vat & barrel applications. Good thickness distribution and covering power. Very ductile deposits and no problem of delayed blistering.
MILLENIUM HS -1321 Deposits produced are fully bright, levelled and ductile over a broad current density range, can be used for both vat & barrel. Excellent distribution and covering power. Unique technology for non-cyanide zinc plating to achieve much higher thickness at normal current density.
ECOZIN 2018 New generation process giving highly ductile, fully bright deposit over wide current density range. Characterized by even metal distribution.

Silver Plating

Product Application
SILVER PROCESS – SILSAL Z This cyanide solution is suitable for general decorative and functional silver plating. Produces a matt, white silver deposit which may be buffed. Rack or barrel use.
SILVER PROCESS – SILSAL AX A high speeds, dull cyanide silver plating solution for industrial applications such as contacts and bearings. Rack or Barrel use
BRIGHT SILVER PROCESS – SILSAL SV A general purpose, high speed decorative bright silver solution for Rack or Barrel. Good levelling. Solution remains clear when working. Deposit hardness 80 to 90 H.V.
BRIGHT SILVER PROCESS – SILVAX 2000 A special solution designed for industrial use. High conductivity for high frequency and general electrical or electronic use. Rack or barrel use. Solution remains clear when working. Deposit hardness 1210 to 120 H.V. Also used in decorative applications.
BRIGHT SILVER PROCESS – ARGENTO HB 2500 This process gives mirror bright haze free deposits. The process is designed to get deposit having higher hardness values in range of 140 – 200 Hv, making it the preferred choice where hard silver deposit is required. Thus the process can be used for decorative as well as functional applications, and may also be used for rack or barrel plating applications
SILVOSTAR This process gives mirror bright haze-free deposits with the same electrical conductivity as pure silver. The solution can be used for decorative and electronics applications, is simple in operation and may be used for rack or barrel applications.
ARGOMAX BRIGHT SILVER High performance bright silver bath based on fully organic addition agent system to produce bright silver deposit on a wide current density range. Mainly used for electrical (Switch Gear) and electronic components.
ARGOASTRA BRIGHT SILVER Bright silver system based on fully organic addition agent to produce mirror bright silver deposit having a pleasing white colour and good antitarnishing properties. Designed for plating silver jewellery articles, table ware, cutlery, etc. Silver on silver applications.
KEMPAS AG 107 To provide antitarnish coating on silver and gold plated components by giving cathodic current.
CHEMGUARD AG 250 Solvent free, chemically stable film. Non hazardous. Water soluble.

Brass Plating

Product Application
BRASS PROCES – BRASSAL Z These salts yield a deposit with a rich golden colour and can be used for decorative rack or barrel work. Also used as a base for rubber adhesion.
TEKNOBRASS SALT Designed for use in both vat & barrel to produce a rich brass colour deposit.
METABRASS SALT Designed for use in both vat & barrel to produce a rich golden yellow deposit.