Polishing Material

Product Application
Cimpol X It is recommended for preliminary polishing or grease mopping of non-ferrous metals. It can also be used for polishing plastic materials.
Empol A brushing emery composition for giving clear polish to steel articles prior to Nickel plating. Excellent in removing scratches produced by earlier stages of abrasive finishing on ferrous components.
Chropol A green oxide composition for finishing chrome plate & imparting a very high brilliance.
Unipol Excellent for final polishing of SS. Clean to use, fast cutting & clears extremely well, producing a high reflective finish. Ideal for finishing chromium plat especially to remove “Burnt” edges.
Stipol A special green chrome oxide composition for obtaining a mirror finishing on SS. It is specially suitable for colouring SS cutlery.
Espol A white polishing composition used for removing firm abrasive marks from previous operations while polishing SS.
Braxpol Used for high speed abrasive finishing of SS, iron & steel components. Also suitable for certain non-ferrous metal.
Rouge ‘A’ Used for final polishing of silver & gold deposits.
Rouge ‘B’ A hard composition for silver work & high class brassware.
Plastipol Used for producing a brilliant finish one celluloid, vulcanite, polystyrene & hard wood.
Spray Cut A liquid polishing compound used on automatic polishing machines for burnishing of steel prior to plating.
Spray Fine Fine finishing of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Nickel finishing & colouring or final finishing.
Spray White Final finishing of SS & other alloy steel. Suitable for aluminium finishing.